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           TRANSMISSION TRANSGRESSION, is the result of four years (between 2017 and 2020) during which I interviewed women and men from Lanmeur retirement home and two emergency shelters in Brest about transmission and transgression.


Following the testimonies, I wrote stories in the first person that I illustrated with drawings, engravings and collages in two artist's books exhibited by the Morlaix Museum at the Maison à Pondalez.

This work made me take on the role of the confidant, of the person who listens and then, in my studio, retranscribe these stories through my words and dig into the emotions through my illustrations.


In 2021, Ex-Voto Editions published "Transmission Transgression, 41 life stories", winner of the E. Leclerc Cultural Support Fund.


In 2022, texts from the book will be adapted into audio fictions as well as a performance reading.


Text and voice: Sophie Degano

Sound production: Éric Cervera and Romane Rosser

Recording at Near Deaf Experience studio


Excerpt from two sound fictions:

Page 86
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Page 228
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EMERGENCY shelters

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