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GRÂCE À ELLES highlights the commitment of women in history through 60 portraits of women engraved from the 12th to the 20th century. They are scientists, sportswomen, artists, Resistance fighters, women of letters, adventurers, businesswomen and they all fought to defend their ideas.


It was a work of research that combined writing and engraving. This project took me two years. The exhibition has its own book of the same name, with a preface by É. Badinter. Each engraving is accompanied by its biography.


I chose to engrave on linoleum and the graphic design is refined, for a supple rendering, a soft but powerful line, in order to highlight only the essential, that is to say their strength, their determination, but also their gentleness.

The choice of black and white is a tribute to all these women.

The large flat areas of black represent their struggles.

The white sheet, the horizon they offer themselves.

All the portraits have identical dimensions, to show that known or unknown, these women have played an essential role in society.


Each engraving is hand-printed in 25 copies on white Arches Vellum paper 250g/m2, format 50x50cm. 


To purchase a portrait, please contact me by email:


GRÂCE À ELLES, is also a book of the same name, with a preface by Élisabeth Badinter.


Extract from the preface: "...Her portraits, both tender and energetic, catch our eye and our curiosity. I would even go so far as to say that they arouse a strange feeling of tenderness for all these women, never met, but who have become, thanks to the artist's talent, our spiritual mothers.

May Sophie Degano be warmly thanked for this. "Élisabeth Badinter.



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