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FEMMES EN NOIR denounces violence against women. Those who flee a husband, a house, war, the dictatorship of a country. But also the violence that our society does to its own and to the earth (wars, migrants, our environment). 

I paint on large jute canvases with Indian ink, charcoal and acrylic. The canvas is left free, unframed, to signify the flight, the emergency, when one carries the bare necessities. It can be sewn to repair, to seal wounds that are still too raw and the drips symbolise our memories, our stories, those that leave traces in our lives.


It is an instinctive work, of trance, in which we find the movement, the energy of creation. 



Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, I made the series DECLINATION OF A SONG, which I am still developing.


Declination of a song - of war - of love - of doubt - of rage - of happiness - of joy.

Declination of a song, 

To sing.

To exist - to say - there - now - the voices that the wind brings us.

Declining these songs through charcoal and Indian ink, allow me to make the moment exist, to immortalize it, to stop it, to be engulfed in it.

Working on large formats, I project onto the paper or the jute canvas, with ample, rhythmic gestures, definitive, instinctive strokes, in a trance,

like a dance, 

the energy that any action requires.







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